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Welcome to African fastest growing full service lift supply, installation and Maintenance Company.

Who we Are

Eng-Cons Ltd is an Independent elevator and escalator full service company based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our company is committed to solving all of your elevator and escalator challenges. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge within our field, and welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your needs.

Eng-Cons Ltd are recognized for providing not just value for money, but also quality products and responsive services that consistently meet the demands of the African marketplace. We offer lift and escalator systems to suit all residential, commercial and high-rise projects.

Eng-Cons Ltd uses its experience and flexibility to supply, install, maintain, and refurbish vertical, horizontal and inclined transport systems.


To be the leading partner in vertical transportation solutions


In house emergency service

Eng-Cons Ltd offers high quality service and support, with an exceptional level of customer service. We offer service 24/7, in addition to excellent maintenance programs ensuring reliable service with trouble-free operation. We are able to maintain all types of elevators and escalators, and have access to a large inventory of replacement parts for emergency situations.

Eng-Cons Ltd design lift systems that:

  • Enhance Building Design and Efficiency
  • Are of the Latest in Design & Technology
  • Compliment Building Architecture and Aesthetics
  • Are Safe, Fast, Efficient and Reliable
  • Our lifts comply with European and African safety standards.

Mission statement

• Consistently provide excellent and competent service
• Pro-actively respond to the needs and demands of its customers by ensuring “on the dot” delivery of its products and services
• Zealously strive to improve, innovate and upgrade its products and services so as to cope with International Standards and diverging technology

Core Values

• Excellent quality
• Reliability
• Certainty of Execution
• Exceptional Customer Service.


Our technicians and engineers who have years of experience in the lift industry are highly qualified and properly trained in their job. Thus, one can rest assured that the lifts are safe for use. From our years of experience, we understand the importance of providing quality products and reliable service to our customers. It has become our aim to supply only the best.

We have created a team of numerous experts in elevator technology that gives us a vast technical ability in the fields of electronics, hydraulics and mechanical engineering.

Our company employs professional technicians who are vetted for proficiency internally by our own experts in order to provide the best service available in Kenya.


We provide compact, affordable, reliable and ingenious lift solution

Building Convenience

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