Sharing our elevator and escalator knowledge with the world

Practice-based vertical transport training

As a collaborative partner, Eng-Cons Ltd is happy to share its knowledge with you. That is why we offer a range of training courses on vertical transport, related technology, and safety issues. Whether you work in the elevator industry or elsewhere, our training courses will teach you and your staff about the technology and safety aspects of elevators, escalators, and suspended access equipment.

As the Kenya’ leading agency and center of excellence for elevators, escalators, and other technical equipment Eng-Cons Ltd is fully abreast of the latest developments relating to safety and technology. Training courses are given by field professionals, so the content is always extremely current. This is your guarantee that your people will receive practice-based training.


The course will benefit lift engineers and consultants as well as members of senior management in the lift industry. You will gain an in-depth understanding of advanced technical issues arising in lift design, maintenance and contract management.

Our training program covers:

• Elevator standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50.
• Risk assessment and EC type examination
• PESS: Programmable Electronic Systems in Safety related applications
• Safety at work
• Everything you need to know about elevators
• Elevator inspector training


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