Scenic Lifts

We are able to provide bespoke options, so if you have any ideas for a lift that you would like, get in touch and we are happy to assist in the full process from design to installation.

Beautiful Lifts for Any Building

Scenic lifts are an attractive alternative to a standard lift installation as they provide what are considered non-standard and beautiful options to passenger lifts. Instead of adding specialized finishes, scenic lifts often make use of glass walls and exteriors so that passengers can view the scene outside their lift as it travels. It also provides an interesting view for passersby, allowing it to be ‘scenic’ for both users and non-users.

Scenic lifts vary widely in design but Eng-Cons Ltd can provide a wide range of options, from having just one glass wall to full scenic lifts, including external lift options. Another option (for the brave!) is having a glass floor, so the passenger can view the lift travelling. A scenic option is a fantastic feature and adds a touch of luxury to a building whether you are installing a 5-person lift in a shop or restaurant to a 13-person lift in an apartment building.

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