Traction Elevators

When you need to move a lot of people in a little time – economically, comfortably and reliably you need a TRACTION ELEVATOR.

Types of Traction Elevators

  • Geared
  • Gearless
  • MRL
  • Freight

Ideal for high- and medium-rise buildings. Traction elevator delivers smooth, quick acceleration, energy efficiency and attractive cost for high-rise buildings. Especially, these lifts impress with their versatility, power and speed.

A superior combination of flexibility and performance. To create the highest quality traction elevators, our designers and engineers put their technological creativity to its full potential. Our traction elevators combine the latest digital technology with world-renowned construction to achieve a new level of precision, energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

Why traction elevators?

• The traction elevator system is the most popular due to its flexibility.
• Choose between two types of traction lifts: geared and gearless.
• The geared traction lift is composed of 2 parts: the gear box and the electric motor.
• The machinery may be located at the top of the building, or in the basement.
• If you need a high-speed elevator in high-rise building, a traction elevator is your only choice.
• Capitalizing on advances in motion control technology (Variable Voltage Variable Frequency), a frequency inverter smoothens the starts and stops of the cabin, and conserves energy.

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