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Eng-Cons Ltd offers mechanical auto parking lift systems & stackers for garage storage and a provider of turn-key fully automated parking solutions; any scale , anywhere around Africa.

Eng-Cons Ltd strives to meet your parking space requirement with its standard car stacker models and major under-ground and above-ground parking systems tailored to customer requirement. Company boasts with its unique quality control system, and in time delivery history.

Automobile elevators are an investment with the potential for instant payoff in modern urban developments, allowing for significant space savings and design flexibility for building planners and architects. The result: more innovative design, a touch of luxury, and increased property values.


  • Equipment is designed for a long life cycle.
  • Operation costs may be less than traditional designs.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Reliability achieved through a completely integrated system.
  • Holes Hydraulic Drive System.

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